Before you get your first home mortgage, make sure you have at least some of the furnishings. Apartment living so often means having borrowed furniture or garage sale specials. Your first house may have the same feel, but at least it will be yours!

  1. Bed. You probably have this already, or else you’re sleeping on the floor. Depending on how old the bed is (was it your childhood bed?) it may be time to upgrade!
  2. A place to sit. You may have your dad’s old recliner or a friend’s futon, and that works to get you by. But that new house may require more than the college dorm bean bag. Maybe a couch from the local second-hand shop!
  3. A place to eat. Whether it’s an old family table passed down through the generations, or a card table from Target, having a place to eat dinner is essential to enjoying your time ass a first time home buyer. Yes, TV trays will get you by, but so will that old bean bag chair and we already covered that!
  4. Dressers. Back to the bedroom – do you want all your clothes piled up in the corner? Maybe that apartment had room for a dresser or maybe it was just a closet. Your new house will more than likely have plenty of room for a decent dresser. This is something you can pick up at a second-hand store or a garage sale and re-paint yourself!
  5. End-tables (or side-tables). These are great places to put lamps, books, drinks and assorted living room paraphernalia. They go next to your couch or chair, and help keep some order in your new home.
  6. Media center. From the TV to the DVD player to your DVR, it all needs to go somewhere. You could turn an old school “entertainment center” into a nice media center, or find one at a big-box store that’s affordable.
  7. Kitchen gadgets. Let’s face it: apartment kitchens aren’t exactly roomy. You probably had a small toaster and a blender. A new kitchen has room for other gadgets like a toaster oven, a crock pot, a mixer and a griddle (who doesn’t love pancakes on a Saturday morning!).
  8. Mirrors. Your apartment probably didn’t have many mirrors. But with a house, you can do some creative decorating with a few mirrors. They make a room look more open, and can reflect light into darker areas of your house.
  9. Lights. Your new house may have ceiling fixtures, or it may have outlets for lamps. Either way, the right lighting can really spruce up a home and make it yours.
  10. Ladder. With a house comes maintenance projects and other home improvements. From changing light bulbs to cleaning gutters, a ladder will prove invaluable when it comes to your first time home ownership experience.
  11. Lawn care tools. A borrowed mower will do the job from time to time, but owning your own is much more realistic. Look in the for sale ads, on or in the store sale ads for a good deal on a mower. Also consider a weed-whip to trim the edges of the lawn.
  12. Duct tape. No home is complete without duct tape. You never know what you may need it for, but someday you’ll need it. Buy a roll and see if it comes in handy. They’re only a few bucks anyway!

Source: Amerfirst