You probably already have a real estate Facebook page, and you probably have written in your bio that you are a real estate agent and post every now and then about your business – But so are all the other agents in your area…  So how are you going to make yourself stand out?

The following ideas can help you grow your real estate Facebook page and help you jump ahead of the rest!

1. Keywords

Make Facebook’s search engine your best friend. Get familiar with what keywords drive traffic to your page and use them often! If you have key phrases that drive traffic to your website, consider using them in your Facebook posts too. Remember to use local targeted key phrases and keywords. As you are going to want

2. Choose a Name

Whether it’s just your first name and last name, a nickname, or your company name. It is a good idea before building your social media up, to check and see if your name is available on all platforms. (Instagram, twitter, etc.)

There are most likely hundreds or thousands of real estate agents not too far from you, and you want to be able to secure your name in order to match up and come out on top.

3. Complete Profile

You may think that filling out your entire profile is unnecessary. But did you know that search engine also reads your profile bios? Filling out everything can help you get more leads! It may not be a ton, but 1 is better than none right?

Also choosing a category such as local business, or brand can make a big difference in your visibility to potential clients.

4. Visually Branding

Having high-resolution images and colors that pop can be a game changer. People will take you seriously when they see a very nicely designed, professional looking page. Using images that convey your brand, posting good quality images of your properties, or even getting drone shots can be a great way to make your brand stand out. Reposting Century 21 AZ Foothill posts made for you will take the ease off of deciding what to post on your own page.

5. Lead Gen Features

Take advantage of call-to-action buttons. Be sure to have a link to your website, a phone number to call you, and email address to contact you. Make it easy for your potential customers to reach you. if they can’t figure it out in 30 seconds, chances are they will look somewhere else.

6. Valuable Content

Posts are what keep your page alive. You will need to valuable content, and do it often. Visual content gets the highest engagement, so make sure to post with images, videos, or links to sites. Make sure your posts are high quality, well thought out, and beneficial to your viewers.

People like connecting with other people, so be sure to throw a few posts in there that bring your personality to life. Show them you are human too, not just a business.

7. Connect

Social Media is all about connecting with others and having conversations. Follow other pages, like other people’s posts, and respond to comments. Doing these things will increase your views and draw people towards your page. Your brand will continue to grow the more you interact with others.

8. Mobile Friendly

Out of 1.44 billion Facebook users, 1.25 billion of them use Facebook on a mobile device. So, be wary that your page could look different on a mobile device. When making changes be sure to check out what your page looks like on a cellphone and tablet.

After doing all of these things you can check your “insights” tab to see how your page is performing. I would check monthly and make changes as you go.

Looking at other successful pages can also help you get ideas for your own page.