► By providing valuable information on local market conditions, your REALTOR® will help you price your
property realistically and fairly. You will also be informed of changes in the market that may affect
the sale of your property.
► Exposure of your property is key to obtaining a quick sale in today’s market. When you use an agent,
he or she will aggressively market your home through highly targeted advertising, aiming to reach as
many potential buyers as possible.
► By utilizing a variety of marketing tools, including Multiple Listing Services, advertisement in trade
magazines,, Internet, and national referral networks, your REALTOR® will ensure that your home is
sold expediently.
► Finding the right buyer is the ultimate goal of selling a property. Hence, the real estate professional
will only show your property to serious, qualified buyers.
► Too, the REALTOR® has the expertise to research and investigate all potential buyers, exclusively
managing the time-consuming aspects of selling a home – like fielding constant telephone inquiries,
setting up appointments and holding open houses.
► A REALTOR® can help you get top dollar for your home because negotiating is one of their areas
of expertise.
► Bargaining for the best terms & price, acting as a mediator to smooth over any potential conflicts
between you and the seller, and drawing up a legally binding contract is what you can expect from
your trained professional.
► Not only will your REALTOR® guide you through the complexity of paperwork that ensues during a
home sale, but they will also keep you informed of everything from the escrow process to inspection
► Too, your agent can monitor your transaction while it is in escrow, and competently handle any
problems that may arise.
► Think of a REALTOR® as the only trained professional who has the ability to sell your
property quickly and cost-effectively.


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