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Spark Green Homes is a revolutionary PropTech company that maximizes the value of green homes, and simplifies green and solar home transactions.

As solar and renewable energy experts, we saw solar homes being grossly undervalued and created Spark to be the solution. It’s a gamble to sell a green home without Spark, because the evaluation of renewable energy assets are left up to those without expertise. With Spark, you can be sure that you get the most value for the green investments on your clients property. Using our patented process, we thoroughly assess solar panels, and all other upgraded energy efficiencies, assigning each a value and providing legal documentation to be included in the full appraisal.

Discover the true value of Green Homes with Spark today!

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Services Offered:

  • Green Home Service (Evaluation & Transaction assistance)
  • Green Home Report (Green Assets Evaluation)
  • Real Estate Agent Assistance and Training
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