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You Need a Professional Inspection
Real estate is usually the largest investment you will ever make, yet many people do so without knowing the condition of the property they are purchasing. A professional home inspection is a very valuable investment. An analysis of the property, conducted by a specially trained and completely objective inspector, can identify structural concerns, non-functioning systems, damaged building components, safety issues, and improper installation.

I added thermal imaging to the list of services I provide. This infrared technology helps me look at the surface temperature (thermal signature) of drywall that could show anomalies which include the detection of moisture and/or missing insulation.

Having this information before you build, purchase, sell, repair or remodel can return many dividends, both financially and emotionally. Homes under construction also need inspections. A very important inspection I recommend to all my new construction clients, should they get the chance, is a frame or pre-drywall inspection.  This allows me to look at the framework of the house, plumbing lines, electrical wiring and duct work before the drywall gets installed.
I work closely with builders and superintendents through the construction process to ensure a quality construction for your new home. I also perform anniversary inspections on your new construction to identify areas of concern that the builder needs to correct under warranty.
I am a certified Part 107 Drone pilot and use a drone when doing roof inspections of new construction where the roof can not be viewed from a step ladder or in resales where the roof can not be accessed due to the height of the roof, type of roof or the pitch of the roof.

For Your Largest Investment, You Deserve the Best Inspection
With a reputation for thoroughness, attention to detail, and reliability, I am qualified to assist you with all your inspection needs. I bring to you integrity, professionalism, and the training required to complete the job.  I’m a 2001 graduate of one of the country’s leading Inspection Training Schools, ITA, and also a certified ASHI inspector which is the highest credential you can obtain in the industry.

Your understanding of the inspection findings is critical to my goal of providing the best customer service available. I encourage you to join me at the end of the inspection for a comprehensive recap, to receive a complete consultation and valuable orientation about the property and its systems.

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