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If you’re kids can’t bear to part with their favorite stuffed animals when they’ve outgrown them, it’s not unheard of to stash them in the attic. However, be aware that mice, dust, mitts, and other critters will ruin them given half the chance. Store them in an airtight plastic containers NOT black trash bags.

Wooden Furniture

Inherited antique wooden chairs of tables but they’re not quite your style? Don’t store them in the attic. The fluctuating humidity and changing temperatures can cause the wood to expand and crack.

Old Tech

VCRs, TVS, Smartphones, laptops, and game consoles shouldn’t be kept where there are big fluctuations in temperature. Humidity levels in the Summer with monsoon season can vary too much in the average attic for delicate electronics. Moisture can easily collect inside and damage them.

Vintage Clothing

The greatest danger for delicate clothing is light (both artificial and ultra violet) dirt, dampness, moths, and excessive heat. Vintage and delicate clothing need to breath, so plastic is not recommended. It should be stored flat, in a bix, and wrapped in tissue.