It’s time for the goblins, witches and ghosts to come out and play again. So you know what that means… Halloween’s here! This year, give trick-or-treaters a run for their candy with these five amazingly, spooky DIY decorations.

DIY Headless Horseman Decoration

headless horseman decoration


What better way to give a spook than with this headless horseman figure? It shows a creative twist by having the horseman hold his jack-o-lantern head in one hand and a sign that directs to candy in the other. Trick-or-treaters won’t know whether to run or stay for treats. Make the headless horseman decoration and watch your DIY Halloween decoration come to life.





graveyard craft


DIY Graveyard Craft


Want to create the perfect nightmare scene this year? One that is deathly and realistic? Well, create this graveyard scene with affordable foam sheets!





scary monster archway

Scary Monster Archway

Via Listotic

Now, here’s a Halloween entrance that makes a statement without any signs or words needed. Just look at how it gives the message “enter if you dare” at first glance! Trick-or-treaters will have to hurry to the door before the monster face eats them. Learn how to make this check out these quick tips to make this Monster entrance.





bloody candles

Bloody Candles  

Via Country Living    

Make your own DIY Halloween decorations with these tortured candles which are perfect accent pieces to add into your Halloween set-up. For materials, you’ll need white pillar candles, black carpet tacks and red wax. Learn how to make this gruesome decorative candles in less than five minutes!












Halloween Window Silhouettes

halloween window silhouettes

Via Listotic

Put your Halloween story pieces together and let guests take a look inside with these amazing DIY Halloween Silhouettes. These silhouette decorations can be purchased at your local celebration store, or you can make your own using stencils, black card board and paper from a near-by crafts store.Then, all you have to do is tape them to your window, turn on your home lights and let the Halloween magic begin.

Happy Halloween!