It’s that time of year again: the kids are anxiously awaiting the end of a long school year, and the temperatures are already rising! Summer is here, and if you’re a native of Arizona or have lived here in the summer, you know what that means: extreme temperatures and monsoons. It also means planning vacations out-of-state so you can get a break from the heat.

Just like you prepare for summer activities and getaways, you should also prepare your house and yard for the summer heat! In this article you’ll find tips to get your home ready so you can stay cool inside and enjoy your beautiful yard while you’re outside grilling dinner or swimming in the pool.

Furniture Sales

Most retailers already already clearance their selections by Memorial Day… and we know there will be LOTS of outdoor living to be had this season as we transition into Summer/Fall. Take advantage to get a new look for Fall.

Protect Plants

Move patio planters away from direct sun install shade cloth over gardens and increase watering times to account for 110+ degree days. Water in the coolest part of the day. The best time is the morning, but if you water in the afternoon, allow enough time for the soil to dry before sunset.

Clean Appliances

When the coils get dirty, your fridge uses more electricity, so you should do this every six months. With high electric use during the Summer months, everything helps to save!

Weather Stripping

Proper weather stripping will keep heat out and can save you 30% on energy bills. Also, consider an energy audit for further savings!