Father’s Day is a great day to celebrate and lift up all the fathers in our lives. This year for Father’s Day we are making a Homemade Picture Frame to gift all our wonderful fathers.

Materials Needed:

  • Shadow Box Frame
  • Photograph of Daddy and Daughter (you can print one out at home if you have a color printer, or it is very inexpensive to send it to Costco or Wal-Mart to print)
  • Scrabble Pieces
  • Hot Glue and Hot Glue Gun
  • Pins


Step 1: Open your shadow box frame and lay out your photo and scrabble pieces in your desired locations.

Step 2: Pin your photo in place in all 4 corners (make sure the pins that you use are short enough to stand up straight, without hitting the glass).

Step 3: Use your Hot Glue Gun to Glue your scrabble pieces in place. I left about a 1/4 inch space between each letter, and away from the photo.

Step 4: Put your Daddy Daughter Frame back together! DONE!

So Ideas to make this frame your own!!! Such as using this idea for a father son project…

If you have a son whose name starts with a D, You could create…

  • Daddy Duggie
  • Daddy Drue
  • Daddy Dexter

Or if you have a girl with a D name:

  • Daddy Daisy
  • Daddy Diamond
  • Daddy Diva

Or you could use the word Father:

  • Father Daughter (sharing the R at the end of their names)
  • Father Fred
  • Father Fiona

You could use a letter close to the first or last letter: (sharing the “A”)

  • Daddy Abbie
  • Daddy Adam
  • Daddy David (sharing the “a”)
  • Daddy Lana (sharing the “a”)

It just came to me, if any of your children’s names end in a “Y”:

  • Daddy Ivy!!!!!
  • Daddy Jimmy
  • Daddy Abby
  • Daddy Lily

Or some other phrase completely different:

  • Super Dad / Super Kid
  • My Dad / My Hero
  • Daddykins / Ivykins (just add a “kins” to the end of Daddy and the child’s name and link up the last letter “S”)
  • Rad Dad / Rad Kid

Inspiration: http://makingthingsisawesome.com/daddy-daughter-frame/