Homebuyers with growing families need a lot of storage space. Everyone expects interior rooms to be top-notch, but they don’t expect the garage to be anything more than a large empty space. Maximizing that vast space with actual storage solutions keeps clutter out of the main living area, increasing the value of your home.

A spick-and-span garage with dedicated storage solutions will be a nice surprise for a hesitant buyer. Having an organized garage can set your home apart from other similar homes, helping it to sell faster and for a better price.

One of the secrets to increasing the value of your home is to showcase the potential of each space. Transforming the garage into an easily organized and navigable area helps buyers see the actual storage capacity of the garage. An organized garage can be the cherry on top of your showing.

Britt Lopez, a REALTOR® with Dallas City Center, Realtors®, says, “A well-organized, updated garage can absolutely help sell your home.”

Organized garages expand opportunities for the space in your garage. From the potential to park vehicles inside to the ability to have a dedicated exercise space, potential homebuyers can start picturing the possibilities immediately.

It may be stressful to spend the extra cash for a garage makeover, but there are several ways to get started without breaking the bank:

  • Take some time to clear unnecessary clutter from the garage.
  • Give the space a deep clean.
  • Give the walls a fresh coat of paint.
  • Maximize vertical space as much as possible.
  • Install basic shelving.
  • Make use of cabinets.
  • Clear the floors and make the space seem bigger by using overhead storage systems.

“Buyers form an impression of the house before they walk in the door,” adds Lopez. “And sometimes the garage is the first thing they see.”

These storage solutions will help you organize your garage and help you live a more clutter-free life until you move into your dream home. With these simple tips, you can attract buyers and set your home apart from others on the market. Now that you have a better idea of how garage storage solutions and organization can increase the value of a home, which garage storage solutions and organizational changes will you make?

Source: www.rismedia.com