A bathroom can be done up to be a sanctuary to relax it at the end of the day and get to energized when getting ready to start a new one in the morning.The following 6 bathroom remodeling projects are simple enough to do yourself but their effect will be anything but simple.

1) Bring in the green
Most bathroom fixtures like the bathtub and the sinks are white or other light colors. Plants add  a burst of color,  a feel of freshness and they purify the air. Flowers do the same and also bring a nice fragrance. Do remember to keep them well watered and to take them out for sunlight from time to time. Also, get varieties that can withstand humidity.

2) Enhance storage
Storage is particularly important in a small bathroom. A wall mounted unit makes maximum use of limited space as does an under-the-sink vanity unit. Free standing units that fit under the sink and shower caddies are also stylish and functional storage options.  You can also put  baskets around the bath and store your bath products in them including rolled up towels for a touch of spa ambiance.

3) Turn up the tiling
Wet areas like the bathroom must have tiled walls that can take the heat  and humidity without getting damaged. A large section of bathroom walls are tiled so replacing them completely changes how a bathroom looks. Mosaic tiles are one option that give one much more room to play. They are small tiles that you can put up in different shades of the same color such as aqua, blue or green for a very interesting effect. They come in sheets that are easy to apply.

4) Get frosty
Install a functional and striking shower door with glass frosting. Match the pattern to the tiles for effect.

5) Light things up
A dark bathroom is a dull bathroom. Bring in the light by adding in a skylight. It will light up every part of the bathroom and beautifully so.

6) Maximize the light
If a skylight is beyond your budget, maximize natural light.  A clear shower door, a large mirror and glass tiles and a light color scheme will bring in and spread the sunlight so that a bathroom looks larger and brighter.

Get to it
Just one weekend is enough for these DIY home improvement projects. And when you are done, you will have a lovely bathroom in which to draw a bath and relax.

Source: www.amerifirst.com