A positive work environment is one that fosters commitment, performance, teamwork and, ultimately, productivity. A harmonious culture does much to improve the output of a company, and that could not be truer than at real estate brokerages.

Real estate professionals that regularly practice team-building exercises, set goals and spend time together outside of the office tend to close more sales. Here are some ways to build positive relationships with other agents that will, in turn, improve your own productivity:

Team-Building Exercises

As an agent, it’s in your best interest to attend any team-building exercises or coaching sessions your brokerage organizes. This serves the dual purpose of helping you learn while you’re socializing with other real estate professionals in your office. Additionally, if you’re a newer agent, another great way to make connections is to actively seek out any mentorship programs that pair you with a more experienced agent.

Set Group Goals

You don’t need to be on an actual real estate team in order to set goals with fellow agents. By setting group goals, you’re able to keep each other accountable. Whether it’s growing your CRM, doubling your referral business or implementing a marketing system, by tackling large tasks as a team, it’s much easier to keep each other on track.

Spend Time Together Outside of Work

There are many benefits, both socially and in terms of productivity, to striking up friendships with fellow co-workers. One of the easiest ways to get to know the other agents in your office is by attending any events your brokerage organizes or by simply getting a group together to grab lunch. Don’t forget to keep discussions about work to a minimum on these sorts of outings!