Follow this guide to organize your refrigerator like a pro, placing different types of items on the shelves and in the drawers where they’ll fare best. Of course, having a place for everything means no more fridge clutter and no more endless searching for that jar of pickles that’s stashed in the back of the fridge behind a few dozen other containers. Check out this article for a before-and-after refrigerator makeover. If you’re looking for more refrigerator sanity-saving advice, The Kitchn offers up some professional fridge organization suggestions, too.

Attach a magazine rack to the inside of a cupboard to easily store those pesky lids for your pots and pans. Few things in life are more frustrating than trying to find a place for all those loose lids among your carefully stacked pots and pans; this hack from Get Organized Wizard saves the day.

A lazy Susan is the kitchen organizer’s must-have tool. These can be used in any cabinet to make items more organized and easier to reach, but they’re a definite must for storing sticky or easily spilled items. That’s because you can quickly pull out and empty a lazy Susan for a good cleaning, while cleaning the inside of a kitchen cabinet isn’t always so speedy and straightforward.

Use tension rods to create dividers in kitchen cabinets. This allows you to place things like cutting boards and baking pans in their own slots, saving you time digging through a stack of kitchenware every time you need something.

Take charge of your kitchen junk drawer once and for all. Add a drawer organizer and group like items together. Small containers work wonders for keeping tabs on your supply of tiny items like pushpins, rubber bands, paper clips, and twisty ties.

Use that tiny space between the refrigerator and the wall or cabinets it sits next to as a thin, vertical storage option for small items like spices. This article shows a great example of a slide-out storage option created with a fashionable chevron pattern to spice up the look.

Paint the inside of a pantry door with chalkboard paint and use chalk to keep a running shopping list that never runs out of paper. As a bonus, it’s out of sight when the pantry is closed, and even if a guest catches you with it open, the chalkboard trick makes it both chic and classy.

The “zone” concept works exceptionally well for organizing your pantry, as well. This article from Better Homes and Gardens breaks down the how-to. And don’t forget to de-clutter and purge all those expired and outdated items.

Store your measuring spoons in a jar near the stove. This makes them easy to grab in the moment as they’re within reach, and it looks both cute and orderly.